Hide your Local Disk Drive

     In today’s technical world every work is done through computers and computer has become a necessity for every kind of work. And in every work there are some secrets which should not be known to all. So to maintain the secrets we must hide it and make it invisible for common people or others who operate that particular computer. As all of us know all the data is stored in Local Disk Drive and if we hide it then no one will have access to it. We can hide Local Disk Drive just by using Command Prompt and there is no need of other software installations and all.

To Hide a Local Drive using command prompt.

1. Click on Start – Run

2. In Run box type cmd and hit Enter. Now Command Prompt window will appear.

3. In command prompt, type diskpart and hit Enter.

4. Then type list volume and hit Enter.

Now it will display the list of all your computer drives details.


5. Then type the Drive Letter which you want to hide. 
If you want to hide volume E, type select volume E and hit Enter.

Now follow mentioned massage will appear to you.
Volume 4 is the selected volume

6. After that, type remove letter E and hit an Enter. 

That’s all, you have done. Now restart your computer once. When you start your PC again, you want be able to see the particular drive in My Computer.

Now if u want to view the hidden files we can recover it by using the same command prompt just by following few simple steps

To get back Hidden Drive again in My Computer.

Do the procedure which i have mentioned in step 1,2,3,4 and 5 again.

Click Start –> Run –> cmd –> 

Then type diskpart – list volume – select volume E 

After that type assign letter E and hit Enter.

That’s all !! You have got back the hidden local drive. Once again restart your PC, now you will be able to see hidden local drive in My Computer.

Note: Your PC doesn’t lost any data by doing this trick .

                                                                                          – Abhishek Ash
                                                                                                 Author (Unlimited Softz)