Nobody is 100% Anonymous..!! Hackers Must Read…

Some people think that they are great hackers and they can hack anything and they’ll not be found.
They think that they use IP hider Softwares,VPN, proxies etc thus nobody can trace them. But you should know one thing. Read this…
You are never 100% Anonymous…

For your kind info, every software have their own LIMITATIONS!!

Guess, you hide your IP with any software, your external ip is change…. But main thing is when you use any software,
your data log is gone to that software providers server….
When you visit any site and start attacking, your fake ip is noted on victims website’s server and Host
Means your fake IP noted on your victim’s server…
After successive hacking activity, you think you are Anonymous. No one catch
you…. Its a biggest joke!!!

Now you should know how cyber police gets you..

After any attack on server or website, that websites owner contact their web hosting server…
They get your Ip log on your victim’s website from their Hosting domain….
After that cyber police start getting info about that ip and reached to
your ip hide software developer…..

They force them to give IP, data log of that ip.. Means your ORIGNAL
Now, cyber police contact ISP to get All info about Your IP and

Thus You Are Busted…