Protect Your Facebook Account From Hackers!!

Protect Your Facebook

Now hackers are busy in Facebook. People will often make new account saying old ones are hacked. But till what extent you can keep on making accounts. First protect your account and don’t let anybody to Hack It.
In this I’ll give you some of the tips that helps to secure you Facebook accounts. 

 1. At first please don’t keep on accepting or sending requests. There can a hacker or spammer in your friend list.

 2. Remove the Facebook Apps that you don’t use or trust:

      When you give permission of accessing your data to an application, they hang on that permission forever. So you are actually running on danger zone if you do not know too much about the trustiness of the application. But some time we allow some applications to access our profile data for some instant benefit without knowing about them and we are pretty much lazy on the matter of removing the useless applications.

 3. Don’t use Facebook in cyber s and shared PC’s: 
     If you do so, then be aware of loggers and don’t ever forget to log-out. If you forget, then no need to worry about it, there is a way to log it out from any other computer. Just follow these steps
 Log in your account (from anywhere) > Go to Account Settings (located in the right side of Home) > Choose “Security” > Go to Active Sessions (All of your Log-ins are listed their ) > Click End Activity and You will be Logged Out..

 4.Setup Facebook Login Email Alerts 
    If some body manages to get your login information you should take a prompt action like changing your login password. So to get notified about if there any body log-ins to your account, setup Facebook login 
email alerts.

 5.Protect your information and privacy on Facebook 
Hackers are too much intelligent and try to crack your password by collecting information about you from the Facebook account. So your must protect your information and secure your privacy on Facebook for 
not to be hacked one day.

 6. Do not enter your password in other sites such as online gaming etc. Then simply obtain your password.

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 7. Prevent Others to post in your wall without your permission:
    If you activate “Timeline Review” then no posts from friends or others will be shown until you accept it. To activate, Goto Account Settings > Timeline and Tagging > Click On “Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline?” and enable it.

Timeline Review Facebook

 Thus you can decrease the possibilities of being hacked. Utilize it and also Share to
spread the knowledge!!