Tips to Get best Results from Google

Googling became very often now a days. People search each and every problems in Google  But hardly they get needed results. You must be knowing some techniques to get desired results. No need to worry, its simple. Just read them below.

Finding any word definition:
If you got any doubts regarding any word, you can obtain its definition from google. All you have to do is goto google and search define: word or word meaning. You’ll get its all details with pronunciation audio clip.

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Ex: if you search as define:internet  or internet meaning you will get the result as shown in below image.

Google Define

Finding the website or blog that has similar content of you blog:
If you need to know about the websites that contain similar content of your blog, use related: BLOGURL

Ex: related:

Finding pages linking your blog:
As a blogger you must know about sites linking you site. So, to know that simply goto google and use Link:BLOGURL.

Ex: link: to get all links that linking my blog

Using Google as Calculator:
When using internet, if you want to perform some calculations no need to goto windows calculator, goto google and type down your problem.
Ex: To know the result of 10000+12345 search the same. Google Calculator will appear on your screen.
It can also perform as scientific calculator.

Google Calculator

Finding files with specific format
Just think, you are searching for some ebook in pdf format, but not getting desired results. To get
better results, you have to use filetype: with searching word.
Ex: Search as “Breaking Dawn filetype:pdf” to get  pdf ebook of Breaking Dawn Book

Finding Serial Key or Crack of a software:
To get serial keys, crack, patch files of any sofwares you can use a tag in Google. Simply go to google, Type the Software Name 94FBR

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