Enhancing Gmail Account Security With 2 Step Login

2 step verification login

I have discussed about Facebook account protection in my older posts. But Gmail is found to be first in being hacked. It is very important to protect if it contains official matters.If in case it leaks out then it will lead to many problems.

But after you reading this post, you can protect your GMAIL account from any source of hacker’s attack. This is know as 2 Step Verification Login. Now nobody can login to you account even if they know your password.!!

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It works with simple technique. If you activate 2 Step Verification Login, then whenever you try to log in to your account, It sends a unique code to registered mobile number.You MUST enter that security code to log in. So even if you tell your password to someone, they can’t log in. Feels Funny ha…?! Now will get into procedure to turn on 2 Step Verification.

2 step verification login

Goto below link.

Hit Start Setup>> Then Enter Mobile Number and select country. Verify number. Thats All..

If You are using android or iOS mobiles or tablets that google people have designed apps for 2 Step Verification Login.

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Downloading the app for Android or iOS:

  1. Visit the App Store or Google play.
  2. Search for Google Authenticator.
  3. Download and install the application.
Google Officially Added a video to YouTube to protect their clients. Have a look. He will explain need and procedure of 2 Step Verification Login.

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