How to make SEO Website Design: Tips for Niewbie


SEO and Website Design go hand in hand. One of most challenging aspects of building a site for the search engines is implementing proper SEO website design. On one hand, the goal is to create a website that engage visitors. On the other hand, you want to make sure the site is properly optimized. Design-heavy sites don’t always leave much space for on-page optimization, so it’s necessary to find the right balance. Here are helpful tips for beginners to make it work. You can use our tips to help your Website get found on Google and other major search engines.
Keep your layout simple: Make sure the navigation links can be followed by the search engines. Keep the layout simple and clean but packed website design. Trying to accomplish too much can work for the search engine spiders but will finally distract visitors from browsing your site.

Avoiding JavaScript or Flash in Navigation : It’s always advisable to use a drop down navigation code using CSS and avoiding the use of Flash or JavaScript. CSS drop down menus are treated by the Google search engine spiders as static links which means they can be crawled easily, which in turn has a positive impact on the rankings of the site.CSS is more SEO friendly as compared to Flash or JavaScript while developing site navigation menus because it facilitates SEO.

Keep your site up to date: If your site is mostly static, it is necessary to make some kind of improvements and additions over time when it comes to your content. Keep updating your website regularly as this ensures that your website stays active. Inactivity on a site is recognised by search engines and any dormant sites are filtered out. Keep adding news feeds regularly, filter out any irrelevant content and replace it with good quality original content.

Keywords: Keywords, key phrases, and key termsare the bread and butter of SEO and search engine marketing. Intelligent keyword selection, strategy and analysis are a large part of how it’s done. Your keyword choices could reflect what you do, where you are, what you love, your expertise, your USP or maybe your brand terms.

Create unique content: Everyone knows that content is an essential for SEO and website design and it has to be fresh and unique, because this is what people and search engines want. If your content is unique and valuable for your website users, you will attract more readers naturally and receive due credit from search engines.

Social media: The presence of a social media promotional strategy has a positive impact on SEO as it allows you to have a presence on various platforms to deliver messages about your website or company.

Conversion is king – Creating a well designed site can give you a lot of pride. However, the one thing that matters is conversion. Try out different designs and see which ones result in more action whether it is email sign-ups, social media shares, or sales.

These are some solid tips that are necessary to ensure that the design of your website will help facilitate search engine optimization of the highest order. If you are a newbie or do not have experience designing websites, you might want to work with a professional designer who can help make sure your design is properly optimized. This can help you avoid SEO website design mistakes that can limit your opportunities for online success.

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