Protect WiFi From Others!!!

WiFi Password Protection

We must be thankful to Mr. Tim Berners-Lee for his invention of World Wide Web(WWW). It happened 20 years ago he invented WWW and Other Internet Protocol. He was the first man to upload Photo to Server. In these 2 decades many developments took place in internet.  

WiFi plays a major role in internet. But in-case it is a personal, other WiFi users can steal your internet and make you pay for their internet usage. And also expert hackers can also steal your data using WiFi. So its necessary to protect WiFi network with Password. No Need to follow complex steps to Lock your WiFi Internet Router.

How to Password Protect your Wireless or Wi-Fi router in Three Steps?

Now because of the different kinds of wireless routers, what I will be showing to you are more like general instructions. No doubt that you can use these steps. It’s just that the screenshots I can show you are only for one kind of router. You can use the guide below in almost any kind of wireless router, as password protection of wireless or Wi-Fi routers of any kind are basically the same.

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1. Access the Administration Panel of your Router
This can be done by opening your internet browser and typing in the address bar
Once you hit enter, an authentication panel would pop-up requiring you to enter a username and password.

Note: If entering does not bring up anything, your default gateway may not be that. For Windows, just go to Run command (Windows Start button, then click Run), and then type “CMD”. A DOS prompt would pop-out and you would just need to type, “IPCONFIG”. Look for the words “Default Gateway”, the numbers beside it are the ones you need to enter into your browser

WiFi Password Protection

The usual username and password is “admin” (without the quotes). For some routers, the username is admin, and the password is blank. If you haven’t changed this, the username and password is the default. If you don’t know the default username and password, you could check it at

2. Set the SSID or Username
When you’re inside the Administration panel, just go to Basic Wireless Settings and find the setting for Wireless Network Name or SSID.

WiFi Password Protection

You should key in your desired username on the field of Wireless Network Name or SSID.
Don’t forget to Save the Changes you made.

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3. Set the Password.
You should now go to Wireless Security. There you would see the Security Mode. To make things simple, just choose WPA Personal. (UPDATE: For bettery security, you can chooseWPA2 Personal – the next steps would still be the same)

WiFi Password Protection

You should now set a password by entering one under WPA Shared Key.

WiFi Password Protection

After that, save the changes you made again.

Note that the screenshots are mat not be same in your case. Those depends on the company of WiFi Router.

And there you have it. It’s very easy to set a username and password for your Wireless Router or Wi-Fi router. Once you set one, only those who you have informed of the password would be able to connect and use your Internet connection through your Wireless router – so keep your password safe.
If you have any questions, please do ask at the comments section below. If it has helped you, please let me know as well –your thanks are greatly appreciated. 

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