Change Ubuntu Password Without Old Password!!

hack Ubuntu password

Besides Windows and Mac Ubuntu is more secured PC. It is open source Linux flavored OS. I installed it to learn what is in it. But when i logged into it after long time, I failed to remember its password. Though Guest Login is Possible, All apps or directories cannot be opened without Authentication!!

So I kept on searching for a method to change the password without knowing the old one. Finally i got a video featuring about it. I changed and logged in too…

I am here with full explanation of the simple process of changing the Ubuntu Password in its recovery mode. 

First all you have to do is get into the recovery mode using grub menu which shows up on start up.

hack Ubuntu password Grub Menu

Then it displays the recovery options, goto Remount Option > Root(Drop to Root shell Prompt)

hack Ubuntu password Grub Menu

hack Ubuntu password Grub Menu

By doing this you ‘ll be getting into root shell prompt. Now run “whoami” command to goto root menu. 
Now you have to run some commands to know who are the users of your Ubuntu system. To do this first run ls command, then type “cd /” and hit enter. Run ls command to get the list of directories. Now open Home using “cd home” then again ls command. Thus users of your system will be displayed. 

hack Ubuntu password Grub Menu

There exits a special command to change the password without any help of the old one. To do that type in “passwd username” as you can see in the above pic. Done!!
You will be offered with the option to enter new password. After it shows password changed successfully just run exit command to exit from root shell. Restart and log in.

As Simple As it is.. !!  In case of any doubts or problems feel free to comment below or contact me. 

Special thanks to Kerla Cyber Force who originally shared this in youtube.

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