Misconceptions About Hacking and Hackers

Misconceptions About Hacking and Hackers

“Just Getting to know Friend’s Facebook password and declaring himself as Hacker is same as Having a Pen and saying I am a Writer. “

I think you already came across people saying themselves great Hackers. Above quote is referred to same kind of people. They are actually Script Kiddies. According to Wikipedia Script Kiddies are are unskilled individuals who use scripts or programs developed by others to attack computer systems and networks and deface websites. 

By the late 90’s Hacking was considered as a Great Crime, but now you can get millions of Hackers around the globe. Some people think hacking just hacking in to friend’s Facebook or other social networks, but you are wrong. Real Hacking is totally different, It is the art of finding vulnerabilities or security loop holes in a system or server. 

Let me come to point directly, here below i have prepared some FAQs and facts about hacking and A Hacker. 

1.  There is a website that can Hack Facebook account online OR there is a software that can crack any mail passwords, Is that Really Works?? 
No way, there can’t be any online method that hacks FB accounts in seconds, instead the person who believes in it gets hacked or cheated. Please don’t trust them. They are created only to make money or fun. ( Me and +seedon tried it already !! )

2. I use a IP Hider software and I am 100% anonymous
Many newbie hackers get busted only because of their poor knowledge about anonymity. Before getting into hacking you need to study a lot about protecting yourself withing the Web. Digg google and read deep about VPNs, Proxies, Tor Bundle etc. More Details >

3. I use Linux Distributions like Backtrack, Matriux Krypton, Kali Linux etc. So i am a professional Hacker and I can hack anything.
This is the most stupid misconception about Linux Distro. Backtrack is just a Penetration Testing OS that is developed on Linux Kernel. It can be used to detect flaws in web. It has 100s of tools that needs major effort to be understood completely. 

4. Hackers are really Bad Guys
Hacking isn’t evil always. Black Hat hacking is declared as Illegal. There are white hat hacker or Security professionals working under many esteemed Companies to protect their servers against Data theft.

 5. Don’t Trust Google always 
People often google seeking  help regarding hacking tutorials and all, but even Google gives you bad results. Refer only professional’s writing to learn. Don’t download rubbish and follow them, it may lead you to wrong route. You can refer Legendary Hackers like Kevin Mitnick, Chris Putnam, Rahul Tyagi etc.

There are some Must Have Abilities or Knowledge to Declare yourselves as Hackers. I have listed a few of them below.

1. A Working Brain.. Obvious and Most Important Need.
2. Have mastery  over one programming language like C , C++ (At least One!! )
3. Develop Social Engineering Skills (Its Different from Engineering, If you wonder whats       this google will definitely help you ) 
4. Learn Web development and how web works.
5. Knowledge about Common Security flaws like SQL Injection, XSS etc.
6. Learn Networking and their Loopholes.
7. Knowledge about one server side language(PHP, Perl)  is important.

Conclusion : 
Don’t act professional, Be Professional!! There are many professionals working with govt to trace you.Don’t experiment unless you know what it results in. Don’t be sad if you are a newbie, go dig the web, overload your brain and you can be one of the professionals.I am a newbie too.
And most important.. Never ask me or some one else, “Are you a Hacker?? Hack my friend’s FB “. 


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