Tips For Easy Blogging

Tips For Easy Blogging

How to make your blogging easier

Here are a few pieces of offline and online software that you can try if you wish to make blog post writing a little easier. Each of them deals with a slightly different aspect of blogging, from coming up with new ideas, to writing and posting your blog online. There are also a few apps listed for use with the iPad, for if you are the sort of person who likes to blog or edit a blog from an iPad. There is even a piece of software that you can use with an Apple Mac.

Generating ideas is easier with software

InboxQ will show you some of the questions that people are asking on Twitter. You type in some keywords and it presents you with related questions that you can use as inspiration for your blog. The software known as Content Idea Generator (V2) will locate news from some of the more popular news websites and give you some resources that enable you to create up to date and well researched blog posts. You could try Alltop, which presents you with a number of current headlines that you may use as inspiration for your own blog posts.

Store interesting articles to help you

You could try the Diigo software for creating a little library of interesting articles. It allows you to bookmark online articles and then highlight sections or add sticky notes to them. You can store information for later, and use it every time you want to do in-depth research for a blog post.

Maintain your focus with desktop timing software

If it takes you a long time to write your blog posts because you have a short attention span, you should use a blog post timer. You set it to make a sound at certain intervals, at which point you take a break. It is good for people who are easily distracted, as they can make a conscious effort to partake in any distractions during a break period. There are quite a few available online, such as Focus Booster.

There is a MAC based blog post writer you could try

This is called MarsEdit, and it is a piece of software for the MAC that allows you to write and edit blog posts. You do not need to write it on a browser, and you can store and upload your posts straight from the installed software’s GUI. It is handy if you want to concentrate on your blog post only.

You could try writing and editing your blog with an iPad

If you would like to blog using your iPad, then there are a few pieces of software you can try. There is the WordPress App for adding to and editing your WordPress blog, or the BlogPress app for uploading to social media. Dragon Dictation allows you to dictate your blog, PhotoPad allows to you add and edit photos. You can market your blog via you comment section with the Disqus Pro App, and use the Google Analytics app to monitor your traffic.

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