DayFinder : My First Android App !!

Day Finder - Webception Android app
Some days ago I came across a formula called Zeller’s Congruence in Wikipedia. It is a formula to calculate Day given the date. I started working on the formula to program a Day-finder. In the beginning i was working in C. I faced many bugs due to some problem with formula. But after reading the implementation method given in its Wiki page, bugs started getting solved. 
Here is a Glimpse  Of Voice Integrated Day Finder in C


Later i found a way to integrate voice in C program. But still It was missing graphical touch. It was my aim to develop an Android app implementing same principle. 
After doing some study in Android App Development, I came to know about Cordova that helps to develop simple Android apps with the help of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I downloaded the Android  SDK and started working on it. I started working to convert C program to JavaScript. 
Salient Features: 
  •  Returns Day taking the date. 
  • It can show accurate result even for dates 100 years before or after.
  • It has Date Validation ( For people who are crazy enough to try invalid dates)
  • Added extra features like definition of Name, Quote of the day.

If you face any problem with the app do report me. Still working to improve it and it may enter Google Play Soon!!! 

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