10 Essential Social Media Apps for Europe Travel : Guest Post From Ruby Andrew

10 Essential Social Media Apps for Europe Travel : Guest Post From Ruby Andrew

You probably want to use a smartphone as you travel in Europe. However, it is mind-numbingly complicated for you to choose a suitable social media app. You are wondering if you should use one with an international roaming plan. Well, according to principal research analysts, you can cause yourself a lot of pain if you make big mistakes while making a choice of a social media app that you can use while traveling in Europe. Fortunately, with some information, you can avoid these mistakes and stay in touch with a lot of ease by using the following 10 essential social media apps. 

1. Rick Steve’s Europe 

When you have this app, you will feel as if your pocket has a miniature travel guru. Available European guides are not only detailed like a tour of the Orsay Museum but they are also broad like Ancient Rome. You should listen to Rick Steve’s audio tour, see the cost and hours of sights/restaurants by tapping, or even zoom in on its interactive maps. The best thing about this app is that you do not need your phone’s network or Internet connection once you download it and hence, you will not track up high international roaming charges. 

2. Lonely Planet Phrasebook 

The Lonely Planet Phrasebook will talk for you if you are the kind of person who butchers the phonetic pronunciations in the traditional translation books. All you need to do is to type a phrase and it will translate it and speak it for you.

3. Measures

If you are wondering about the cost of this souvenir in US dollars and about the temperature in Fahrenheit, the currency conversion app and Measures unit will provide you with the answers. You should easily convert various units and world currencies into what you want by using the fun spinning wheel or calculators. 

4. Word Lens 

If you are wondering if the ambiguous sign means do not enter or fun times ahead, the Word Lens will do the translation for you if you snap a picture of a bill or restaurant menu. However, although you can download the app at no charge, you have to pay in order to download language packs. 

5. Visit Europe 

The official European travel apps are all in a single place at the National Tourism Organizations in Europe. You should download free apps for Austria, Holland, UK, Hungary, Switzerland, Ireland, Spain, Slovenia, and Monaco. Each free app is worth a download. However, the app for Austria wins for having the best name. Holland’s Layer App, which is an augmented reality app, is also a good choice because it displays information about the things that are around you by using your camera feed. 

6. Spotted by Locals 

You should download this app if you consider the locals more trustworthy as compared to guidebooks because it features tips from the locals that enable you to get to a restaurant with the residents of the city that you are visiting instead of other backpackers who are clutching the same guidebooks that you have. This app currently has 41 European cities and all the tips and maps are offline as soon as you download. 

7. Rail Europe 

This app gives back train travel the spontaneity- it allows you to buy tickets (on specific routes), look up the train schedules between most European stations, and choose a seat, all within a few minutes on your phone. 

8. Michelin Travel Guide 

Michelin travel guides provide you with all the benefits without the need for you to lug around a giant book. The company now has apps for Brittany, London, Chateaux de la Loire, Monaco, the French Riviera, Paris, Spain, Prague, Andalusia, Venice, and Rome. You can also create a personalized travel book. 

9. Wi-Fi Finder 

Wi-Fi Finder can help you to look for an app for paid or free. Wi-Fi in more than 144 countries across the world regardless of whether you intend to use smug travel shots to update your Facebook, find a good restaurant, or check your e-mail. 

10. Metro 

You should get subway directions in over 400 cities across the world by downloading this app instead of standing around studying subway maps like a tourist. You do not need a network connection once you download the app. This app is updated weekly and hence, you should refresh it before you leave. 

If you are planning to take a trip to Europe, the aforementioned social media apps are your perfect choice because you do not need to apply for esta in order to use them. Hence, you should download them today so that you can have a smooth vacation.

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